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                Leadership Concern

                The reason why Xinxiang Aluminum was able to enter the fast lane of development and became the industry’s flagship is because of the concern and support of national, provincial leaders at all levels. With these support and encouragement, people of Xinxiang inspired infinite power, add enormous spirit power to the development of enterprise.

                Vice-governor Jin Deshui visiting us

                Vice-governor Jin Deshui had a cordial talk with Mr. Pan before the commencement ceremony of Xinxiang aluminum's disaster relief and recovery production

                Group photo of leaders

                Middle:Yu Zhengsheng, former Minister of construction

                Governor Visiting

                Left: LV Zushan, governor of Zhejiang Province

                Right: Pan Axiang, President of Axiang group

                Provincial Committee of the CPC visiting

                Left: Zhang Dejiang, former Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee
                Right: Pan Axiang, President of Axiang group

                Middle:Chen Genhua, general manager of a Xiang Group