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                About Us

                Zhejiang axiang group is modern integrated group which boast three industrial enterprises, a real estate company and structural material fair, a provincial technology center, and agricultural zone. The company won three consecutive provincial well-known trademarks and brand names. It is listed as one of the key companies of Zhejiang province, the first provincial company with credibility and famous brand.

                Axiang group has established the ammonium alloy sections as its hard industry and flat yarn as soft industry, which are the key cultivated and developed company recently in China. In possess of 40,000 spindles linen, flat yarn annual production capacity of 6,000 tons, obtain the exemption National Product honor. The newly project of “ heavy industry” and “copper industry” is build up. The group owns total assets of 1,000.000.000 yuan and the staff of more than 2,000.

                Because of the distinguished contribution to the society, the CEO, pan Axiang, of the Axiang group was honored as national township industrialist, excellent rural industrialist of Zhejiang province, deputy to people’s congress of Zhejiang province, standing committee member to people’s congress of Huzhou, excellent model member of the communist party, 2008 Huzhou touching characters in top ten and the most popular prize, the Second National China Charity Award, and was grant an interview of General Secretary Hu Jintao and the leaders of the party and the country, the general manager of Chen Genhua has also achieved social welfare honor award as national outstanding woman. With the rapid development of the company, Axiang group contributes to the society all the time and donates more than 56,000.000 yuan to support the public welfare work from 1993 to 2008. While 6.16 million yuan for education, 29.81 million yuan for public welfare, 17.03 million yuan for disaster relief and sponsorship, and 2 million yuan for the construction of agricultural parks.

                Pan Axiang was also honored as person to win honor or glory for Chinese farmers by Zhang Dejiang, who is the member of the political bureau of Central Committee.

                Zhejiang Axiang Group