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                A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. The advanced equipment made the products with high quality. Now our company possesses 15 extrusion production lines (includes 1 set of 2600 tons imported extruder, 2 sets of 1800 tons extruder), 2 anodized electrophoresis production lines, 3 spraying production lines (includes one vertical spraying line), as well as wooden transfer, wiredrawing, glue injection, mechanical blasting, CNC process and other equipments. In order to adapt to the market demand and meet the needs of customers, the equipment has been updated and upgraded in recent years, and has introduced advanced vertical spraying production line, increased one set of 1800 tons extruder, all extruders added a double tractor and has invested more than one million yuan to import two sets of online spray system.