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                Zhejiang Anji Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd, a branch of Zhejiang Axiang Group, is now honored as famous brand name in Zhejiang province.

                Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd, a professional aluminum manufacturer, is located in Anji Zhenxing Axiang Group industrial park, Zhejiang province with areas of 100000㎡. The transportation is very convenient due to the eleven Provincial Highways.

                The company boasts all kinds of world class manufacturing equipments and detecting instruments, such as regenerative smelting furnace and full heat rejection casting system. This includes 15 production lines, one of which contained 2600MN large extruding machine. Basing on the three high power capability generating sets, the production line boasts the manufacturing of thermal insulation and bridge cut-off sections, the fabrication of doors and windows, further products processing, and self-designing of aluminum systems, which integrate many first class technology in China, such as machine finishing, chemical polishing, anodal oxidation, electrolytic coloring, electrode position coating, power spraying coating and grain transferring.

                Our company adopts world-class technique to organize production and applies advanced detection methods to monitor the implementation of the entire process. Our products comply strictly with the GB5237-2004 standards and our company has already passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management certification system.

                Our company gathers a bunch of management talents who employ decades’ experience and a group of business elite who possess skilled technique. It is the persistence in building a people-oriented organization, attention to the education and training of the employees, full fulfillment of people’s creativity and potentiality, and the endeavor to provide various kinds of talents with broad development space that potently guarantee the sustainable development and continuous innovation of our company.

                The company has established a consummate national sales network and after-sale service system, strengthened the market as the main and focuses on users. The products have already been broadly applied to a number of major construction projects in big and median-sized cities and gained a benign reputation. Our products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The fine quality and perfect service guarantees the steady increase in Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd and rapid development trend of the company.

                In order to adapt us to the changing market and ultimately meet market demands. Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd will make full use of abundant capital, first-class production equipment, brand-new market ideas, leading management model, rising enthusiasm and perfect service system. Xinxiang Aluminum Co,Ltd will specially tailor for every customer and truly meet the need of the customers with quality products and service satisfaction. Our endeavor would definitely make Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd become a household brand.

                Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd.