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                Company Mission

                to Create Value for Clients,
                to Generate Benefits for Shareholde

                The company devotes to create value for clients with excellent products and service, generate benefits for shareholder with outstanding achievements, provide opportunities for employees with good career development platform and bring wealth to the society through undertake social responsibility. When the company achieves success should take relevant parties' benefits into consideration and realize win-win. At the same time, company's missions order also reflects our attention on each parties.

                Company Vision

                to be the Leader in Aluminum Profile Industry

                "Aluminum Profile Industry" reflects company's position in this industry, "Leader" reflects company's goal in this industry. Our company concentrates on aluminum profile industry, also engages in industrial and construction profiles. The company not only take the lead in scale ( the 2nd in Zhejiang), but also ahead in quality, technology and brand.

                Core Value

                Integrity、Responsibility、Concentration、 Innovation

                "Integrity " is the standard of generations in the company, "Responsibility" is the essence of Xinxiang spirit, "Concentration" is the our demonstration of enterprise spirit, "Innovation " is the driving force all along. Every employee in Xinxiang work hard at their own positions, to fulfill core value through practical action.

                Quality View

                to Improve Value and Exploit Future with Quality

                Service Outlook

                Exceed Customer Expectation, Common Development with Customers