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                Pan Axiang

                Deputy to the people's congress of Zhejiang Province
                Standing committee memeber to the people's comgress of Huzhou
                CEO of Zhejiang Axiang Group

                Over the years, with the care of leadership at all levels, the trust and support from customers, the Group has developed by leaps and bounds, especially the Xinxiang aluminum. I would like on half of the company, express our sincere appreciation to the leaders at all levels, the customers and friends from all walks who always support and concern about us.

                Face the increasing fierce market competition and the severe test of global economic integration, we consistent to ‘get credit standing by our brand, win market by the high quality of products, get benefits from management, developing with honesty’ as our guiding principle from the beginning to the end.

                We will uphold the attitude of highly responsible to the county, society and the staff. Insist on the ideal of developing with steady, harmonious and innovation, aim to create an innovative, evergreen brand name.

                Xinxiang Aluminum Co.,Ltd.